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the final day of
the Three Weeks For Dreamwidth fest
is a special day

it's thank-a-volunteer day
remember-all-they-do day

spam? call anti-spam
abuse? Terms of Service team
help? the spr0ts are there

they document history
in Coalition Wiki

create dream design
make Dreamwidth accessible
beta changes too

they built the home we live in
one line of code at a time

if you've made this place
your own, if you love Dreamwidth
thank a volunteer
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Open source dreaming
code ninjas build and maintain
shared ideas spark others

the whole becomes greater than
the parts. Home for free range thoughts.
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Do electron sheep
dream of androids? Gentleness,
patience this social

creature is a great symbol
for our quiet dreaming home.
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Doing something small:
writing a few lines again
from within a dream.
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Imagine welcome
without limit. Who can be
bounded away from

love? Dialogue, anger, joy;
questions, creation, thinking!

Every kind of
human being comes to sing
here; many classes,

genders, sizes, faces, shapes.
Health, ability never

matching illusions,
standardizations, judgments.
All the gifts and strengths

we're sharing with each other
confidently, tremblingly.

Tastes differ, minds do;
here we share passion, essays,
reflection, dreaming,

sarcasm, analysis,
verse, criticism, and love.

Dreaming a world that
could be. Exploring a world
that all we have made.


May. 4th, 2011 11:30 pm
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finding a place of
open conversation that
yet is protected
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So today (Sunday) is another one of my fill in days, and I want to celebrate one of the other things that drew me to Dreamwidth--the sheer creativity of dreamers. Crafters and creators of all kinds can find support and inspiration of all kinds in the communities here.

reigns over our dreams. All sorts
of crafts and passions

find root in communes of shared
ideas. Collaboration

fertilizes seeds
of inspiration. Beauty
blossoms between us.
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I'll be filling in for [personal profile] jjhunter and getting us started with today's seed. I'm posting early to be on the safe side (thunderstorms are likely later). I thought this would be a fitting topic for April's end since April is National Poetry Month. Additionally two of the first communities I got involved with are [community profile] poetry and [community profile] dreamwidth_haikai.

Poetry's month may
be ending, but the joy in
words thrives in us still.
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sure, we had good times
and yes, you know part of me
still likes you, LJ

but I'm dating someone new
Dreamwidth and I, we've got spark

let sheep lie with goat
make love not war, all that jazz
I just need some space

all your new friends, you'll hardly
notice that I've gone away

me, bitter? never
bad breakup, maybe, but I
know we'll get through this

I'm in a better place now
be happy for me, okay?

I'll see you around
(hi Dreamwidth--are you ready?
dinner starts at six...)


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such energy here!
people connecting left-right
asking, answering

making Dreamwidth a center
for words wonderful and life

three weeks just enough
for relaunching this grand dream
of community

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take a breath, begin:
it's Monday morning, and I
will not resent it

the communal ritual
of taking pride in ourselves

in finding the good
in the week before is a
booster shot of grace


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banner of sunset clouds over water and island with 'three weeks for dreamwidth haikai' fest announcement superimposed on top

come one and come all
wordsmiths and dreamers, yes you
let's celebrate us

let's write of the culture here
why we came, what we hope for

what Dreamwidth means now
in stanzas five seven five
and seven seven

each day a new seed: comment
with a follow-up stanza

and you'll be entered
into a lottery for
two months of paid time

just once is enough, but best
beware: you might just get hooked!

Banner credit goes to the talented [personal profile] viridian_magpie, with brush credit to [livejournal.com profile] darciana and original 'three weeks for dreamwidth' typography to [personal profile] angelikitten.


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