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Y'all know how I always want all the Windows latest and greatest, right? So like a fool I installed Windows 10 Build 10074 on my laptop about a month ago. I have to say I loved me some 10074. The Start Screen was priceless and everything seemed really good. So when the new build came out (10122) of course I jumped on that, too, thinking "10074 good, 10122 better!". But it is not. The 10074 Start screen I once adored is gone. Instead of a long strip of a menu along the left and a perfectly centered set of Metro-style tiles I now have an off-center set of strangely even larger-looking Metro-style tiles, and no long strip of a Start menu at all.

So how does this confooblery come about? Well, I can't explain why MS messed with something perfect, making it decidedly less so, but I can explain that there is now a hamburger icon in place of the long, lean, left menu. Click it and poof! the left menu drops down out of nowhere. But won't can't, it's got a hot date. So as soon as you leave the Start screen for a desktop or applet or whatever, you have to click the hamburger icon again to re-access the (very busy) missing menu. This is what I call "hell", and I feel similarly about MS devs right now as I did when I wrote this and this about the devs over at Mozilla.

That was just the beginning of my problems with Windows 10, though. Unfortunately, I also put it on my phone, which was running the 8.1 Denim update before I shifted it over. Denim ran like a monkey with its tail wrapped around its neck...much slower than 8.1 Cyan, with no redeeming features to make the so-called upgrade worth the resulting slowdown (and that was without getting to try the "Hey, Cortana" feature I've been pining away for). So as I'd become a Windows Insider on my phone, anyway, just to get Denim, I figured what the hell...rather than roll back to Cyan, I'll try out the latest Win 10 phone build.

Before I start bitching about it, let me deliver a stern lecture to Win 10 phone devs - you had better unbarf-up all the things wrong with it because I really love this OS. I can't help that it self-destructs within a few hours, forcing me back to using Win 8.1. But you guys can make it stop self-destructing by its hopefully mid-summer release so I can try it out again. Because the way it looks, feels, operates and what it offers is all absolute genius compared to 8.1-anything but it's so damn buggy right now you basically can't use it at all.

Onto everything wrong with it...

  • A lot of settings are hidden (go to Settings, search, type the letter "A", hit the back button, scroll down for an alphabetical's the only way to find everything)
  • The Start screen has once again been tampered with, making the tiles slightly bigger and much more ugly in some subtle way I can't quite explain
  • Your first inkling the Win 10 phone OS will completely self-destruct is the bluish-black "Loading..." screen when you try to open any app. If you see this baby just once then get a Recovery Tool and start rolling back. I could've saved myself hours of confusion and mind-numbing grief if I'd only known. But no, of course I had to learn the hard way.
  • Your other inkling of imminent OS self-destruction? App crash. As in...all of them. It started, as most things in the world of Windows do, with IE crashing. Oh, a mere IE routine. An IE crash cannot make me blink. 29 consecutive IE crashes might make my lids pop a little, but hey, I was raised in the old school of "Did you try restarting it?™" a registered Microsoft trademark. Us trained restarters know everything will go wrong with Windows but restarting will fix damn near all of it. (If not, then it's a virus.)
  • But after six restarts all the apps crash and shit ain't funny anymore. Like my phone app is crashing now. Can't make calls. Settings are crashing. Can't change settings. After an hour or two I got freakin' scared, y'all...I need a fucking phone that actually dials numbers.
  • So *sigh* like a fool I tried the "reset" button buried deep I don't even know where anymore within Settings (yes, after restarting my phone endless times just to get Settings to no longer crash). When the phone finished resetting an hour or so later it no longer had a phone app. Or a Messaging app. Or a Settings app. Or any of the stock AT&T apps. Or any of the Lumia apps. There was only one tile left on the Start screen (IE, wouldn't you know it?) and maybe six apps in the App folder, none of them related to making a phone call or sending a text message or using email in any way, shape or form. And Cortana, who never worked before I reset the phone, had also left for greener pastures.
  • Now I was terrified, so I got online, got the Lumia Recovery tool, and I seem to have 8.1 back in working order. But if Win 10 for phones would just work (and not be the fastest and most vividly spectacular example of "vaporware" I've ever witnessed) I would cling to it forever.

So yeah, I'm distressed right now. I swore I wasn't going to perform any of the above hijinks in a previous discussion but, as usual, the "Don't touch the wet paint" signs have got the best of me.

Midsummer Conspiracies

May. 19th, 2015 03:29 pm
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I've always thought that people would have to be nuts to live in Midsummer (of fictional Midsummer Murders). Small communities, about three people die per episode, there's four-ish episodes per series, and 17 series so far. That's roughly 204 fictional murders since 1997, and all the British police have done is assign two rather bumbling detectives to the cases. Surely that much of a crime spike deserves a closer investigation...unless it's intentional?

Thus I present #MidsummerConspiracies, or alternate explanations for what goes on there. Feel free to play along.
  • There is a very efficient serial killer there, who likes to kill in a variety of ways so as not to get caught. The police don't notice if the killer takes trophies, and the killer isn't doing it for public recognition or power. Or maybe the killer is one of the cops?
  • It's a complex, multi-year study on how high the crime rate has to be in an area with good schools before the property values drop dramatically.
  • It's a complex, multi-year study on adding drugs (or TOXINS) to the water supply to induce murderous rages over trifling insults in the general populace of Midsummer.
  • Something something Dr Who crossover he's late and the aliens have been getting away with their mind control for far too long. But now, don't worry, the Doctor is here!
  • One of the Doctor's previous companions is trying to get his attention with a weird murder spree, when really she just needs to go to a museum.
  • (Warning: Dr Who spoilers) River Song is practicing for the big day.
  • If everyone had stopped vaccinating their children, this wouldn't have happened. #pleaseknowthisisinternetsarcasm #vaccinessavelives
  • It's like a murder chain letter, and if you don't kill someone when you get tagged then you're the next victim.
  • It is a complex piece of performance art with lots of fake blood, and those who are arrested are let out a few hours later by Agatha Christie. She's waiting to see how long it takes the police to realize what's going on, and also testing out plot ideas.
  • Each episode is actually the same day played over again, and a time traveler has been going back in time to try to create a day with NO murders for over a decade of our time. Unsuccessfully.
  • ETA: It's a Wesen coming of age ritual that involves killing a human *specifically* in Midsummer. Possibly because there isn't a cop who is a Grimm there.
  • ETA2: All the best families have a murderer these days. But only the right kind of murder. Not some silly dust-up over drugs. Nothing so crass. It has to be a gentle murder in a respectable place.

Diet Stuff

May. 17th, 2015 08:56 am
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Food substituting:

So a while ago the idea of sunflower seed butter came up, and I was kind of curious so I decided to check it out, when I found something describing it self as "nut-free butter, made from sunflower seeds" at my supermarket. I actually quite like it.

Its... well ok, I can definitely tell it apart from raw peanut butter spreads.

But if you gave me like 20 jatz biscuits each with a different kind of peanut butter on it, and one of them contained the sunflower seed butter - I really don't think I could pick out which one was the nut free one. o___O It really tastes a lot like peanut butter. Cooks like it too!

(But I have proof that is nut free as my husband who is allergic to all nuts can definitely eat it. So there's that!)

Diet consequences on health.

The bad: I think I'm starting to get to the point where the downsides of the diet, with the nutrients I'm short on, are starting to kick in with their effects. Only mildly so at this point so I’ll stick out the last two weeks. (I was very careful to find a vitamin B substitute, and I've been trying to be good about calcium etc.) But I think I need more fiber. XP

The wth, that's good:

So as some of you might know, I cough a lot. It's not asthma, it comes and goes slightly; and I've seen various GP's over the years about it, nothing really happens. (Xray's, blood tests, yeah we dunno try drinking more water, seems to be the conclusion.)

Read more... )

I haven't been coughing. The only thing that’s really changed is the diet.

This is super weird to me but kinda excellent at the same time!

Citizen Science things

May. 16th, 2015 02:57 pm
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Found several fun-looking citizen science things in my internet wormhole today:

Foldit! Protein-folding research game

Humans play a game to find the best ways to fold proteins, scientists use the data to program better computer modules which then help with disease treatments.

The Baby Laughter Project
What makes babies laugh? One or more (human) babies required. Hypothesis is that babies laugh when something unexpected happens.

Lots and lots of dog-related citizen science (and one cat one, and some resources)
Things for dog-owners and also people currently lacking their own dog. Like, what do dog barks mean to you? And also playing games with your dog. And fun thiiiings. The cat one is for indoor/outdoor cats, and involves tracking where they goooooo.

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So I'm going to be taking on some new volunteer work for my cat rescue, and I thought I'd maybe crowdsource some info gathering via the hivemind:
  1. Our social media main person is really good with PR, not so much experience with computers...yet (and she has some baggage around computers, so it's sort of like math anxiety, but is good at overall PR strategy stuff). I'm going to be tutoring her some. If anyone has experience teaching non-tech people how to use things like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or other basic computing tasks, or like web tutorials that are super basic things, that would be appreciated. Preferably like step-by-step, with screenshots kind of things or maybe even video tutorials? Links to very basic how-to's for social media for the newb appreciated, anyway. Also maybe something on basic netiquette and a guide to what leetspeak abbreviations mean.

  2. One of the things I'm going to be working on is posting funny and/or informative cat related things on our social media, as opposed to content primarily about our cats (so people will look at what we post instead of just tuning it out). Do you perhaps have lots of bookmarks of funny cat stories or memes or gifs? Can you send them my way? I would love you forever. Also things like "here is how to do basic cat care" for someone who has never had a cat before would be great. Just know that I will be reposting in a public setting, so if you are uncomfortable with that happening don't send me a picture of like you with your cat or something.
  3. c
  4. There are a number of computer related tasks that our fearless leader is trying to outsource so she doesn't get burned out. Thanks to the internet, these could get done by people who are not maybe you? Do you maybe have time to tele-volunteer for a cat rescue? If so, do you think it would be like an occasional thing (sending cool cat things to repost or reblogging fundraising campaigns or proofreading adoption posts) or something more involved (e.g. our website needs work, though I'm not sure if she's found someone yet)?

  5. We are thinking of doing the occasional focused fundraising campaign for cats with compelling stories and high vet bills. I know GoFundMe has gotten some bad press lately. If you have done online fundraising for pass-the-hat-type-things, what sites have you used and how has that gone? Is there one in particular that you recommend, or one you would definitely avoid?

  6. ETA: Have you ever been an intern or supervised an intern? Any advices on pitfalls to avoid? Best practices?
Signal boosting appreciated. Thank you, oh wonderful dreamwidth hivemind!

Poem: "Dear Freed of False Friends"

May. 15th, 2015 09:41 am
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Remix poem reworking my responses to 3/10/15 How Are You? (in Haiku). Grateful thanks to everyone who shared of themselves that round and in other rounds; the things you write stay with me more than you may realize.

Dear Freed of False Friends

You shared self with them—
it's back; where they witheld self
empty pulls filling

objects take too much
into themselves, holding what
can't be held too tight

compression calling
winged things to come call, to spring
templates too long locked

space to be bigger
smiles, sneezes, fidgets, wails, wants

circadian tocks
calcium winds? genetic
age and time entwined

sun peels off your skin
one jacket at a turn, melts
you back to mud, starts

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Remember my "vanishing bike lane" picture? GUESS WHO CAME 3" AWAY FROM BEING RIGHT HOOKED HERE JUST NOW
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Like, seriously. This shit really happened, I swear. And because I love you guys so much I've got to share it. Because, like, Microsoft buying AOL? OK. Yeah, maybe. I can see that. Sort of. Yahoo? Yeah, def. Nobody buying AOL? Highly likely! Verizon buying AOL? It's almost like I don't know, Publix buying AOL...where are the synergies, exactly? I mean, I know you'll read 3,000 articles (if you can stand reading even one) saying Verizon is likely buying AOL for its ad revenue, not to mention its still-profitable subscriber base, but Verizon acquiring AOL just proves that, like, anybody could. Your local Stop 'N Shop could have bought them at this point! Is it just me, or is it simply a really weird pairing?

ETA: also, because it's annoying me, this is not "Verizon's Time Warner moment". AOL bought Time Warner, not the other way around! I am literally saying so for the thousandth time in comparatively very few years. AOL held a 55% stake throughout their partnership so TW never - and I repeat, never - got the upper hand (and considering how bad TW's management was that was probably as it should've been).

And - since real people have been asking me this question today - no, AOL and Time Warner are no longer partners so no, Verizon did not just acquire Time Warner in acquiring AOL. The first time I was asked about it I got so confused I briefly thought it might be true myself. If so the Verizon/AOL deal would indeed make a lot more sense. But no, that is not the case - their partnership was completely dissolved in Dec., 2009.

Also-also, my (exceedingly rare) thanks goes out to the Twitterverse today for so many hilarious AOL/Verizon tweets. *tips hat*

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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Makes the beautiful world that you see in the morning.
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post-tags: instagram, crosspost Pork + offal tacos were good; the lamb belly-pepitas-sikil pak is *freaking delicious*. MUST ORDER. #nacotalko

Today's DailyOM Offerings...

NSFW May. 10th, 2015 03:04 pm
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