May. 6th, 2011

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the ninja minions
of dreaming come to your aid
even on Fridays

even late at night when you
did not file a request yet

all it takes is a
post kept public showing up
on the Latest page

with tale of woe or sorrow
and a comment will arrive

so the legend goes-
when you are lost, they will guide
standard-bearers all
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Filling in once again, and I wanted to explore [community profile] crowdfunding  in all its glory. Have you participated in any projects? Donated $5 for a poem and to help someone's diabetic cat? Led a crowdfunded project yourself? Only just heard of this glorious idea?

Now, slightly early - Saturday's 3W4DW haikai

crowdfunding abounds
we are poets in fishbowls
dreaming of you, I

show me your creations, babes
nursed by our community

no need to cater
to ersatz publishing trends;
celebrate ourselves


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